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Other people involvement

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婚姻法講座 13



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When words are not enough

Australian Government Attoney-Gerneral’s Department


Chapt 2.3


The involvement of other people in the marriage ceremony



The involvement of others in the marriage ceremony could cover many situations:

-A special reading

-A musical interlude during the ceremony

-A special prayer during the ceremony


These situations cause no real issues for the marriage celebrant.



-         特殊的朗誦/閱讀

-         音樂插曲/報幕

-         婚禮中特殊的祈禱/祝福




Other situations might include:

-Participation in the ceremony by a visiting minister of religion or trainee minister of religion.

-Another person of significance to the couple that they want to conduct as much of the ceremony as possible.

These situations do rise potential issues you need to address.


The first set of issues arise beer: fore the ceremony even tacks place.

You(婚姻監證專員。以下同)do not have to agree to such arrangements.


Remember if you have any concerns about the arrangements, you are not obliged to proceed with the wedding.



-         宗教牧師或牧師教徒的到訪和參與。

-         一位被認為對結婚當事人非常重要的人物要求主持盡可能大部分的婚禮。









Another person can be involved, but remember that legally you will be deemed to have performed the marriage – you will be legally responsible for all aspects of the marriage.

(Extract from section 5 of the Marriage Act 1961)


其他人員可以參加您們的婚禮,但不要忘記,婚姻監證專員是被確認為婚禮的法律監證主持人 按照1961年制定的婚姻法第五章條文,她/他對這段婚姻的每一個程序都負有法律責任。


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